5 Superfoods to Eat Daily

Pile these super foods onto your plate every day. Ever since scientists first discovered the power of antioxidants to destroy cell-damaging free radicals, the hunt was on. Today, we know that these preventers of cancer and heart disease are found in colorful fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Eating healthy food is an important part of life. Many of us strive to be as healthy as possible, including eating the right things and consuming the best nutrients for your body, so that you can live life … [Read more...]

Self-Motivating Tips Everyone Should Know

Do not succumb to laziness – Use these self-motivation tips! Everyone goes through a slump now and again. From burning the candle at both ends or feeling unsatisfied in an area of your life, sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a lifeless routine of being lazy and doing the minimal work. More often than not, it takes a little hard work to motivate yourself to get going again. We all face obstacles, we all feel uninspired from time to time, but that’s no reason to let yourself down. The more … [Read more...]

Light Up Every Room in Your Home with These Tips

Is your home a cave? Brighten up your home with these tips! Studies show that natural light positively affects our mood. While you may not realize it, if you have been feeling tired or stressed, you could be living in a cave with limited natural light. Humans often act and feel better in a home that has plenty of natural light, as well as light-inspired décor. It is okay if you do not have natural light streaming through your rooms; there are some easy décor tips that you can do to jazz up … [Read more...]

Get Involved for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Learn about the basics for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! October is a month dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer. This month focuses alerting women to get screened for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment, along with emphasizing support for those who are living survivors of the disease. Get involved and find smart solutions to lower your risk of getting breast cancer – or supporting females who are at risk. Detection  One in eight women will face breast cancer in their … [Read more...]

Hospice: What You Need to Know

Deciding on what is best for an elderly loved one or family member is tough. Know the options. Age and death are morbid topics that have become taboo to talk about openly. With that said, it’s no surprise that many people lack basic knowledge about hospice care. While many people said that they would prefer to die in the comfort of their own homes, three out of four Americans don’t realize that hospice care offers that option. The idea of hospice is often misunderstood. Take a look at the … [Read more...]

Get Happier And Healthier With These Smartphone Apps

Healthy Smartphone Apps Getting in shape is one of the easiest ways to help you avoid serious health complications and higher health insurance costs. If you need a little help jump-starting your workout routine, download these useful apps. Zombies, Run! makes taking a run a fun game instead of a chore. The app will help you keep track of how many miles you walk, jog, or run while enjoying the experience of an interactive game. If your pace slows down, the zombies will catch up to you, which … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Health Tips

For parents and children, the back-to-school season can bring light new colds and the flu. Returning to school means no more late nights, zoning out in front of the TV, or snacking throughout the day. Not only do children need to regulate their schedule, but parents do too. From resetting the body clock, to visiting the pediatrician, here are some tips to ensure that you and your children maintain good health while adjusting to the new school year: Establish a Sleep Routine Start around … [Read more...]