5 Superfoods to Eat Daily

Pile these super foods onto your plate every day. Ever since scientists first discovered the power of antioxidants to destroy cell-damaging free radicals, the hunt was on. Today, we know that these preventers of cancer and heart disease are found in colorful fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Eating healthy food is an important part of life. Many of us strive to be as healthy as possible, including eating the right things and consuming the best nutrients for your body, so that you can live life … [Read more...]

Get Involved During National Yoga Awareness Month!

Find your calm during National Yoga Awareness Month. September is National Yoga Awareness Month, and across the states, studios are offering free classes and discounted programs for locals to learn the art of yoga! As September brings cooler weather but keeps the light nights, it offers the perfect opportunity for you to get out and enjoy some meditation, relaxation, and yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, below are the health benefits that may convince you to start! You’ll get more … [Read more...]