3 Benefits to Look for As You Choose a New Primary Care Physician

By Anna Woodward

When you need to choose a new primary care physician, you might first look at the basics. This might mean you turn to your insurance provider to find out if your plan is accepted at the practice you are considering. But it can still be hard to determine the right office for you, especially since several doctors likely accept your insurance. Here are some details that might help you make a decision.

One thing that is convenient is the ability to make appointments online and even pay through the website. It is not always possible to call the office, since there may come a time when your phone is broken or your home is simply too loud for you to feel comfortable calling your primary care physician. In addition, if you are at work and have some free time, but do not want to disturb other people by having a phone conversation, the use of a website for appointments and payments can be helpful. Of course, most doctors who offer this also let patients call if they prefer, so you will simply have another option when you need to contact the office.

Some doctors make sure to keep a few spots open each day for same-day visits. You might have to call early in the day to get in within a few hours, but this is still often easier than visiting urgent care or the emergency room. If you have kids, same-day appointments can be especially helpful since children have a penchant for suddenly becoming ill or injured. The last thing you want to do is wait with a young child in an urgent care or hospital waiting room for hours, and a primary care physician who has same-day visits can help you avoid this while still getting fast treatment.

Another convenient option is weekend and evening hours. If you have a typical work schedule, you might find it hard to get in to see your doctor when the office closes the minute you get out of work for the day. This is why offices that are open for a few hours each evening can be helpful. Saturday hours are similarly convenient, so it is great that more doctors these days are open at least one weekend day.

If these benefits sound nice to you, look for a primary care physician who offers them. You can find out by calling or logging onto the websites of local practices that accept your insurance coverage. You can also simply walk in when you get some time, and you may be able to even get a quick tour this way.

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