What You Must Understand About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Is your home your most valuable asset? If you are one of the many Americans that would agree so, it is imperative that you obtain the necessary homeowners’ insurance coverage to tend to your home’s individual needs. Compiled is a list of the must-know information regarding your homeowners’ insurance policy:

  • Since each home is unique in design, age, and foundation, you must make sure that you have the sufficient coverage to protect your home. Make sure you have home structure coverage, home contents coverage, and liability coverage.
  • Likewise, you must know what is not covered under your policy. Many homeowners’ wrongly assume that they have flood and earthquake insurance coverage, however, the standard policy does not.
  • You should know what your deductible is so that you can always afford it in the event of an accident. If you have $10,000 worth of damages to your home, your insurance company will require you to pay your $2,000 deductible before paying the remaining $8,000.

Contact Martplan Insurance today and allow us to clear up any confusion regarding your homeowners’ insurance policy. In order to receive the peace of mind knowing your biggest investment is adequately protected, you must understand the coverage of your policy.