Risky Hobbies You Can Insure Under Your Life Insurance Policy

Are you one who enjoys skydiving and scuba diving on a regular basis? Do you ever have trouble obtaining insurance due to your risk taking hobbies? Thrill seekers, there is no need to fret! You may be able to insure your most dangerous adventures under your life insurance policy. Yes, you must expect to pay elevated premiums since you are risking your life more than the typical citizen, but you will receive coverage nonetheless. Compiled is a list of some dangerous hobbies you may be able to insure under your life insurance policy:

  • Are you a certified and experienced hang glider? Then feel free to ask your life insurance agent for coverage!
  • If you have a pilot’s license and years of experience in hot air ballooning, chances are your life insurance company will insure your hobby.
  • All motorcyclists can expect to pay more for their insurance premium, but as long as you are licensed and experienced, the insurance companies will give you a break.
  • If you’re a freestyle rock climber that climbs high altitudes solo, most insurance companies will run the other way. However, if you are using the right equipment and following all the safety precautions, your life insurance agent may insure your activities.
  • Scuba diving is one of the riskiest hobbies that insurance companies don’t prefer to insure, especially if you haven’t taken the necessary safety precautions. If you take lessons, have a certification, and reliable guidance, you may be able to remain insured under your life insurance policy.

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