Arthritis: What Are The Most Affected Parts Of The Body

By Karen Wentworth

Ask the elders around you what conditions they suffer from the most. They will probably mention arthritis a couple of times. Arthritis is a condition that is most evident in old people because it affects the bones and the joints. However, it affects more body parts that those mentioned. To understand the condition better, let us talk about the most affected parts of the body.

Let us start with the joints. The joints are the parts that are mainly affected by the condition. It starts from these bones and cartilages especially those which are located on the lower part of the body. It is best to have the condition diagnosed at once by medical experts. This way, you can get medications that will ease the pain and the swelling. You should also know the foods that you should eat and avoid.

Another body part that is affected is the heart. According to recent findings, the heart is more likely to fail in patients suffering from arthritis. This is because the condition affects the blood vessels gradually. When the arteries and veins become affected, this can increase the risk of heart attack. The condition may also harm the heart directly by inducing inflammation on the pericardium.

The lungs can also be affected by arthritis. Studies have shown that there is a slight correlation between lung problems and the inflammation of the joints. Specifically, it increases the risk of developing pleurisy. This condition makes it harder for one person to breathe and it can lead to emphysema in the long run. This does not only happen to people who smoke tobacco. It can happen to anyone.

Arthritis can affect the nerves in the body. This is the reason why a lot of patients are experiencing sharp pain and numbness in affected areas. The pain usually comes from the inflammation of the joints. On the other hand, the nerve comes from the insufficient blood supply that is triggered by the affected blood vessels in the body. When the blood circulation is stopped or is slowed down, the nerves do not get the supply they need hence numbness occurs.

Another body part that is affected is the eye. The condition can lead to blindness is not treated immediately. Most patients who have arthritis also experience having blurred vision and sensitivity of the eyes. Some researchers have also shown that arthritis can be a risk factor to glaucoma, a serious eye condition.

Arthritis is definitely alarming. It affects more body parts than you think. It does not only affect your bones and your joints like most people say. In can affect vital organs such as the heart and the lungs as well. It can affect your vision and your nerves. It is important to treat the condition as soon as possible.

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