Your Attitude, Aptitude And Altitude

By Chioma Onyelucheya

Expert Author Chioma Onyelucheya

Your attitude is the way you look at things. It is your personal interpretation, opinion and reaction to people, circumstances and life in general. The attitude you have is like wearing a pair of sunglasses; how you see your environment depends on the color of the glasses you are wearing. Fredrick Langbridge made an apt expression that fits the definition of attitude when he said “Two men look out of the same prison bars; one sees the mud and the other the stars”.

Your aptitude is your natural ability, skill or propensity. It is a measure of your intelligence, mental competence and intellectual endowments.

Your altitude is a measure of the height or level where you are or which you can attain.



  • The attitude you have now is a choice.
  • Choices that form your attitude do not present themselves in elementary forms of say choosing between apples and oranges but come disguised in more subtle manner.
  • There are many circumstances that you cannot control in life but you can control how you react to them. The things that happen to you are not as important as your reaction to them.
  • You can change your situation by changing your attitude; Your disposition can change your position.
  • Your attitude will not change your position overnight but will eventually if you hold on to it. Having a right attitude is like joining a road to a desired destination. If you remain on track, you will get to that destination ultimately.
  • Attitude is a little thing in life that makes a big difference- Winston Churchill.
  • According to Thomas Jefferson, “Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; and nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”




  • They have tendency to control or dominate the life of the victim.
  • They make their victims wallow in defeat and self pity (1 Samuel 22:7,8)
  • They hinder their victims from pursuing and achieving their given goals.
  • They drive their victims to pursue and spend their time, energy and resources on the wrong things.



Negative attitudes cannot be wished away. The following are deliberate steps that must be taken to get rid of them.


  • Acknowledge that you are struggling with negative attitudes. Denying that you are a victim of these negative attitudes will keep one bound by them.
  • Forgive yourself for not being perfect. This will remove the burden of guilt from you and embolden you to move forward.
  • Try and discover the root causes of the undesirable attitudes and deal with them. See if you can locate when they started and check if there were any circumstances that gave birth to them.
  • Replace the pattern of wrong words, thoughts and actions with the right ones,
  • Abstain from friendship and continual association with people who are not prepared to acknowledge or change their obvious negative attitudes.
  • Above all, submit completely to God as this gives the power to successfully resist the devil and get victory over all his manipulations including negative attitudes.


In conclusion, note that there is an altitude or height that God wants you to attain in life. The aptitude i.e. the natural ability, skill, intelligence, mental competence and intellectual endowment God has given you is sufficient to take you there if coupled with the right attitude. Failure to attain that height will not be due to a deficiency in aptitude but a deficiency in aptitude.

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