Do You Know the Rules On Car Headlights?

The dark nights and mornings still have us reaching for our headlights, but do you know the rules?

While we’re still turning on our headlights frequently, now is a good time as any to check our lights are in working condition but to also brush up on the rules and regulations!

For some, it has become second nature to turn their headlights on at night, during harsh weather, or to let others know where you are when visibility declines. For others, they are driving in fog, at night, in a black car with no lights. Sometimes it takes an obnoxious honk from another driver to remind you to turn your lights on… You all know who you are.

Common Headlight Safety Laws
They vary state by state, but below are a few headlight laws that your state may require:

  • Two functioning headlights on all vehicles.
  • Turn on your headlights when it becomes dark outside. Some states require headlights to be turned on 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.
  • Headlights must be turned on when visibility is low.
  • Some states, including California, require the use of windshield wipers in addition to headlight usage during harsh weather.
  • You may be required to turn on your headlights when passing through construction zones.
  • High beam headlights may be used to improve visibility but must be turned off when you are approaching oncoming traffic.
  • Some states require bicyclists to equip their bike with front and rear headlights if they are riding at night.

Breaking these laws could result in a traffic ticket. One of the best ways to avoid getting any tickets because of breaking headlight laws is to consult with your state’s vehicle code and keeping up to date with the laws of the road!

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