How You Can Address Your Small Business Uncertainty

Learn how you can deal with some sources of your small business’s uncertainty. As a small business owner, you know that uncertainty is part of running a company.  Between unstable revenue streams, unpredictable weather conditions, and changing supplier availability, there are many factors that can affect your business’s success.  While it’s not possible to eliminate all of your small business’s uncertainty, there are steps you can take to reduce some sources.  Here’s what you should do to … [Read more...]

Spring Driving Safety Tips

Try out these suggestions to help you stay safe while driving this spring. While the sun may be shining and the flowers blooming, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the roads are safe in the spring.  In fact, spring brings its own set of driving hazards to watch out for.  Here are some of the dangers you should be wary of and how you can stay safe if you encounter them. Wet Weather Spring showers can leave the roadways damp and can increase your chances of skidding off the road or getting … [Read more...]

Healthy Habits to Adopt This Year

How to make the most out of your new year with these healthy habits. On January 1st, you promised to eat more fruits and vegetables, work out more, and ditch the fast food. Fast forward a month later and you’re back to your old vices. It can be hard to stick to resolutions when they’re generic, but that doesn’t mean you need to retreat back into unhealthy habits. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be bland, boring, expensive, or time-consuming. Check out these healthy habits you should … [Read more...]

Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Driving tips to help keep you out of accidents.   Believe it or not, but even the safest of drivers may have serious downfalls that put them in danger. Getting behind the wheel of a moving car is not only a huge responsibility, but one that should be done with care and safety. However, all too often, American drivers get distracted or get caught up doing something they shouldn’t. While you can’t eliminate every risk on the road, staying aware of the common causes of car accidents may … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Teen a Better Driver

Steer your teen into the safe lane with these driving tips.   Driving is one of the most dangerous things your teenager can do. It’s the leading cause of death for people ages 16 to 19, per the Centers for Disease Control. As a parent, you do what you can to protect your child. When they’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, it’s easy to feel worried and desperate to ensure their safety. Fortunately, establishing safe driving habits helps to keep them safe on the roads. Experience It’s … [Read more...]

Top Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

The main factors in calculating your auto insurance. Car insurance is a necessity for all drivers. Yet, different drivers on the road have different risk factors. In turn, individuals will pay a premium that suits their level of exposure. It’s actually a pretty complex business. Insurers calculate car insurance quotes based on how much of a risk there is that they’ll have to pay out on a claim. To find out what the main factors are when calculating auto insurance, read on! Vehicle The value … [Read more...]

Top Insurance Misconceptions That Confuse Consumers

Don’t get caught out with the wrong insurance because you believed the misconceptions. If you rely on the Internet or what you hear from others to understand what business insurance can and can’t do, chances are you’ve heard (and perhaps believed) a few myths along the way. For clarity and your sanity, check out a few of the common insurance misconceptions and the facts to go along with it. My homeowners insurance covers my property against all types of losses. Your homeowners insurance … [Read more...]