Why Your Business Needs an Injury Management Strategy

Safeguard your business with an injury strategy and plan in place.

Most business owners like to believe that their place of work is a safe one. Even though you do your best to signpost spills, tidy up tripping hazards, and provide the right safety equipment, accidents happen. While injured employees should never be considered routine, your response plan should be.

With an injury management strategy, your employees will not only be safer, but it could lower the cost of workers’ compensation losses. Here’s what your plan needs to detail:

  • Respond immediately to injury: When an employee is injured, you will need to respond in a caring and non-judgmental way. Ensure that your employee receives the help and care that he or she needs as soon as possible. Once the injured employee is receiving care, you should begin your accident investigation.
  • Establish a medical provider relationship: Aim to partner with a medical provider who understands your company and your post-injury management process.
  • Assign transitional duties: If an employee should be injured on the job, there are ways that the severity of claims can be reduced. By offering injured employs an efficient transitional duty program, you can help to build employee morale, keep injured workers synced to the team, and return to full duty as soon as medically possible. In turn, this can cut down on workers’ compensation costs.
  • Provide attention case management: Choose one person to coordinate all claims management activities with the medical provider, insurer, injured worker, co-workers, and line management to help resolve any issues, queries or impediments to the injured worker’s recovery.
  • Measure process performance: Measuring the success of a post-injury management process can help to identify trends for further risk and loss reduction strategies.

Along with the right injury management strategy for your team, secure quality business insurance! To get started, contact the team at Martplan Insurance Agency. We will match your coverage needs to an affordable policy in La Habra, California.