Changing Your Habits Can Help You Save Money

By Javier V Boix

There is always a way out. It may not be easy, but we have to find it. It can be hard, but if you think about it and make a plan to find your way out, you will surely be successful. It’s all about money, right? How to save it, and how to hold it in your hands without losing it? Let´s say you need car insurance, and you start looking on the Internet for it. Obviously, you’re trying to find the one that is perfect for you-the cheapest one and the best one. This combination is very difficult to find, but it exists. Let´s suppose you have a good income, and you have to pay for a nice two-bedroom apartment, your auto that is just two or three years old, your freezer full of meat and fancy food, and all the other things that surround our modern life. There are many details that make your life very expensive.

Do you really need all these things?

Have you ever wondered if you really need a cellphone, a new car, a big house with a large kitchen, for example? Have you ever wondered if you even need Internet access? Have you ever wondered if you really need to eat a lot of meat? Most people follow the “American dream” way of life, but only a few get there. You don’t know this, but you can also get there, and that is called ¨finding the way out¨. So, a good income for someone with all these expensive habits at the end makes you a really poor guy, but why? Because you are full of debt. You are always waiting for the next paycheck to come in. So your very good income means nothing because you have to spend it all on taxes, insurance, rent, gas, electricity, your cell phone, food, etc. At the end you are out of money, but as I told you, there is always a way out: changing all your habits.

Forget about your modern life.

Let´s start with this: a few years ago, people didn´t even dream of having a cell phone, but nowadays this small item is a part of everyday life, and people cannot live without it. That´s because all the information we receive today from advertisements is about “needing” to buy things that might change your life. Despite what the advertisements say, you can actually live without a cell phone. Also, the cheapest one might cost $40 a month. You can save around $100 per month if you switch to a fixed phone line with a recorded message included. Why not?

Regarding a car, do you really need a two- or three-year-old one that costs almost as much as a new one, around $10,000 to $15,000? Insurance on a newer car is also very expensive. You might save a lot if you switch to a 10-year-old one. A 10-year-old car might have 200,000 km on it, but it still works. Take a look at Cuba, where still there are thousands of American cars running, and most of them are more than 60 years old. So, that is the second step to help you to save money: switch your new car for a 10-year-old one, and then send it to a mechanic. Maybe you have to spend, in total, quite a lot in order to fix it, but it would never cost as much as a new one when you factor in the savings on auto insurance with an older car.

Regarding your two-bedroom apartment in the center of the city, move to the suburbs, where you can find a similar one for a lot cheaper. Maybe you can save up to $200 or more per month. Internet? You might be online once or twice a week, which you can do in any Internet café-that way, you save a good amount of money per month. An added benefit would be more time spent with your wife and children instead of online. Nowadays we say that technology makes life easier, but it can also destroy families since we spend many hours a day surfing the Internet for news, watching YouTube videos, or just chatting.

Do you really need to eat meat two or three times per week? And all this fancy food that just makes you both unhealthy and really poor? So, my friend, switch the meat for vegetable. Forget about meat and fancy, expensive food. You could have a happy and healthy life just eating vegetables, fish, eggs, chicken, rice, beans, fish, etc.

Just change your habits.

So, just by changing your habits you could save $400, $600 or $800 per month, and that means $6,000 to $8,000 per year. In a general sense, we can live without a cell phone, a big house, meat, a new car, and the exciting city atmosphere, with just an Internet café nearby instead of our own network, but to live without a car is hard. A good idea would be also to switch the car for a bicycle, you would be healthy and also you would save a lot of money, around $3000 per year. So change your habits-no cell phone, smaller house, no meat, no expensive clothes, older car-and then get a cheap car insurance policy while living a better life.

The ¨starving formula¨

We might call this formula the ¨starving formula¨. You should apply this formula for at least two years. It´s going to be like being in school: you won’t have much money to spend because you´re saving and at the same time living a life with a lot of limitation, but at the end of the second year you will have enough money to invest. Then, you are ready to take the big leap. For sure, all these ideas are going to help you to make your goal.

Javier V Boix.

The starving formula

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