Are your Company Cars Protected?

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Finding The Right Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

Having any number of company vehicles, no matter if it is one town car that is used to pick up clients or a fleet of 50 moving trucks, you need to invest in a commercial auto insurance policy to keep your company and employees safe. It is important to keep in mind that your personal auto insurance policy will not provide any coverage for cars that are used for business purposes. Keep these tips in mind to help you find the right policy for your company.

  • Make sure that all drivers and passengers are covered – your policy should provide enough coverage for anyone who will be riding in the car, including passengers. Keep in mind that commercial auto insurance policies will most likely cost much more than your personal auto insurance since they will need to provide more coverage.
  • Check the driving records – your insurance company will look at all the driving records for anyone who will be getting behind the wheel of a company car. If any of your employees have bad driving records, it will dramatically increase the cost of your policy.
  • Think of the cargo – there are many rules and regulations that are in place that govern what you are transporting. Your commercial auto insurance policy has to be written to specifically provide liability coverage for the cargo that you are carrying.
  • Consider your route – if your drivers make their way through crime-ridden areas, you may want to invest in extra coverage in case of theft. The more coverage you invest in, the better protected you and your drivers will be.

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