Common Suits Against Businesses (& How to Protect Yours!)

Most Common Suits Against BusinessesFind out what potential threats your business could face.

Business owners all want to believe that they have a good company to work for. Unfortunately, not everyone can see it this way. With that said, if your employees have felt that the business has mistreated them in some way, they will usually take action against your company. With the increase of litigation comes more lawsuits, but, fortunately, there are more ways to protect yourself and your business.

Read up on the most common reasons why employees sue and find out how to protect your company from such lawsuits!

Wrongful Termination – Most employees think that they’re great workers, and if they get fired for an unbeknown reason, they’ll make up their own idea of why– or their lawyer will. The reason for termination needs to be clear and reasonable.

Personal Injury – An employer’s nightmare is a personal injury lawsuit brought against them. The truth is, more often than not, they are quite preventable. Companies are often held at fault for injuries that an employee suffers while at work, however, worker’s compensation insurance covers these legal fees.

Discrimination – Unfortunately, discrimination is still present in today’s society, and an employee can file a suit against an employer. Always ensure that business protocols, policies, and procedures are well documents and available to employees and that they follow all laws.

Harassment – This is a big one! If you act in the wrong way, employees can flag you for harassment. Incidents of harassment can range from seemingly benign statements or actions to outright hostile statements or actions. The best way to prevent harassment is by developing and distributing an employee handbook addressing the issue.

By taking active involvement with your company and team, enforcing policies, and training employees, you will be on the way to protecting your business! However, no one can be fully prepared for the unexpected. That is where business insurance steps in. Covering finances and protecting your company’s savings, a quality insurance policy is your best defense.

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