How to Conduct Your Home Inventory

Having a home inventory is important in case a disaster were to strike! See how to conduct a home inventory here:

Start your home inventory by making a list of your possessions.  Describing each item, and noting the make and model and where each item was purchased. If you do not have a carefully documented home inventory, it can be difficult to secure the reimbursements you will need to replace each item in the event of a natural disaster, home fire, or burglary.

What Should be Included: You should include sales receipts, purchase contracts, and appraisals if you have them! These will help show the value of each item you have listed should a disaster happen and you need proof of value for insurance. Don’t forget to take pictures of each item you add to your list!

Organize, organize, organize! Organize your belongings into categories for easier reference. Starting with one room and moving on to the next, this will help make the process of getting each item on your list much easier.

A few home inventory organization tips: Remember to list big-ticket items like jewelry, artwork and collectibles. Videotape your home by walking through it and describing the contents throughout the house. Save an inventory list on your personal computer and store it on a separate disk or drive. Put all your photos, lists and videotape documentation in a safe deposit box!

Having a home inventory is important. When creating your list, be as specific as possible! The more detail you can capture, the easier it will be to file a claim and secure reimbursements. Some online programs offer home inventory services and can guide you through the process to make sure you include all the right information you would need.

Once you have your list together be sure to update your homeowners insurance. Find out how to stay on top of your coverage by talking to the professionals at Martplan Insurance Agency. We serve homeowners in La Habra, California and neighboring cities!