How To Control Your Creative Power

By William F McLaughlin

Great creative power comes from balancing the spiritual and personal parts of you. Spiritually, you are a creative being. That’s your essential nature – how you are constituted. You were created by creation to be creative. You are creative by virtue of being endowed with a free will. Everything you think, feel, say, do or desire is a free-will creative activity, so all you have to do is be more conscious about the formation and direction of those activities. Point them in a direction that can make a difference in the world – be of some use or service to the world, and as a result be happy and prosperous yourself. To the degree those personal faculties aren’t controlled, your creative power is diminished and won’t be very useful to many people or situations – so you won’t be very happy or prosperous.

Spiritually, you don’t have to do anything. Your virtually unlimited creative power is already fully established in your subconscious mind, so all you have to do is realize it personally. You do that by springing into conscious, personal action – conscious physical, mental and emotional action. Think of yourself as an action hero who’s come to save the day, but the day will be wrought with hazards and hindrances. You know that’ll be the case so you’re prepared to be patient and persevering. Adventure wouldn’t be adventurous without opposition that’s at least equal to you and your goal. That’s what makes the game worthwhile, challenging and inspiring. If it were easy, you wouldn’t value it because there would be nothing in it for you spiritually. It wouldn’t fulfill you or grow you. You accept the challenge knowing and accepting three things: 1, that there will be pitfalls and hindrances, 2, that all the hindrances are personal not spiritual, and 3, that there are no hindrances you cannot overcome. In other words, once you’ve made up your mind, you cannot fail.

Confident that you can’t fail, you nerve yourself up to ceaseless activity. Your tirelessness depends on not scattering energy on many projects but limiting your field of activity. You make yourself strong and untiring, but you don’t push. You don’t force results prematurely. You wait till the time is ripe. Time is always on your side. You persevere in always doing the right thing knowing that universal justice will prevail for you – you’re in harmony with it, and that’s your key to power, influence and happiness. Your reliability and seriousness of purpose attract the people and situations that propel you inevitably to your goal. You develop yourself so that your influence endures by renewing your character daily – honestly recognizing and letting go of all that’s inferior.

Being creatively active all day, your bedtime may be beset with cares and concerns. Here you learn the difference between movement and rest – the two cycles that run the whole universe. One compliments the other and depends upon the other. You’re up all day and now you come down. Now you relax, recharge and recuperate. You keep the two phases in their respective places. Turn one on and the other off. You don’t work in bed nor sleep at work. You don’t have to force it; you just have to allow it. This is how to manage and conserve energy and creative power. Worry lives in mentality while faith lives in reality. Worry is destructive while faith is creative. Worry is emotional while faith is spiritual. Which mindset will you choose? Happiness is not at the end if it’s not along the way.

As your influence grows and success seems assured, the temptation to pride and arrogance will arise. If you indulge these negative, inferior emotions you risk a humiliating loss. You are coming to creative power through selfless action, and pride contradicts that power out of existence. Arrogance means knowing how to go forward but not how to step back, not how to be submissive as well as assertive. It means you know how to win but not how to lose. This is the partial knowledge that blocks the creative power and clarity necessary to enduring success and happiness.

The higher you rise the more prone you become to lose touch with those below and around you, and the more alert you must be to protect and maintain your integrity. It will be very useful to ask the advice of a person you admire and trust. Absolute objectivity is virtually impossible, so wisdom suggests getting alternate viewpoints on important actions and decisions. All the great creators, inventors and entrepreneurs had mentors or advisers. Asking for help also gives you much needed humility. Remember that your great creative power doesn’t come from you, personally; it comes from you, spiritually, from your subconscious foundation of power. Your lower personality is always the hindrance to power not the source of it. The personality is what has to be overcome or transcended if you’re ever going to get anywhere. The process of pursuing a worthwhile goal will reveal all the personality defects that have held you back up to this point. Achieving your goal, then, is all about achieving your self.

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