What You Didn’t Know About Business Insurance

Coverage Small Business Insurance

What you need to know about protecting your small business.

Business or commercial insurance is something that many business owners may not think about too much, especially small ones. The right policy can save your company if you’re faced with unexpected damage, shutdown, or other issues that affect your company’s ability to operate normally.

Here’s a look at four aspects of business insurance that you may not have considered for your policy!

Cyber Liability: Even small businesses are at risk of cyber threats, especially in this day and age of relying on digital facilities. Cyber liability insurance is there to keep your business safe in the event of hacking, cracking, and more. As the risk continues to grow, it becomes essential to have this coverage.

Business Interruption: You may have this coverage in your Business Owners Policy (BOP). This coverage steps in to help when a fire or another covered peril forces you to close business doors temporarily. Coverage can help to pay for the ongoing expenses such as loan payments and rent that still occur when you are temporarily unable to continue business.

Errors & Omissions Insurance: We all know that doctors carry malpractice insurance, but other professionals need it as well. If you work in a sensitive industry or even in a risky role where making a mistake could cause financial damage to your client, you should secure Errors & Omissions insurance. This covers damages caused only by intentional wrongdoing.

Inland Marine Insurance: If your business moves products from one location to another, you may want Inland Marine Insurance. While it sounds like it would only apply to shipping companies that transport products over water, in reality, it will cover you if products that belong to a customer get damaged on your property.

Your small business needs all the protection it can get to keep it safe! Visit the team at Martplan Insurance Agency for the commercial insurance that you need in La Habra and surrounding cities in California.