Learn How to Curb Your Chocolate Cravings

Curb Your Chocolate CravingsAre you a chocoholic? Read on for tips on how to beat those powerful urges.

We all have our own weaknesses. If you’re like us and can’t always eat salads, you’ll understand that reaching for a chocolate bar now and again is normal. However, at what point does chocolate stop being a craving and start being an addiction? If you feel as if you need chocolate or rely on it, you need to put down the Hershey’s and step away.

Overcome your addiction to chocolate almost instantly with these simple tips!

Add extra magnesium to your diet.

Chocolate contains a lot of magnesium. Replace your magnesium intake with magnesium chloride water. It aids in releasing stress, improving sleep, and reducing your chocolate cravings! It may not have that satisfying taste, but it will keep you away from the cookie jar.

Drink plenty of water.

Drink plenty of water so that you’re not tempted to use chocolate to fill your stomach. Drink water in between meals to subside any hunger pangs that you may feel. On that note…

Eat three regular meals a day.

Many people reach for sweet snacks when they’re hungry instead of waiting it out until dinner time. Eating fiber-rich fresh food, such as vegetables, will help to keep your cravings at bay.

Eat a small piece of dark chocolate.

A little piece of chocolate now and then is okay. You’ll find that it’s harder to binge on 80 percent or more dark chocolate than with milk chocolate. Switch your milk bars for dark chocolate and only nibble 3 or 5 small squares. You’ll end up consuming less sugar while satisfying your chocolate need.

From the insurance experts at Martplan Insurance, we hope that you successfully boot chocolate out of the door with these combat tips! For all of your coverage needs, contact us in La Habra, California.