Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

If you use a car, van or truck for work, you may wonder if you need commercial auto (or commercial vehicle) insurance. There are a few factors to consider before making your decision.

What other policies might cover your vehicle? If you’re using a personal vehicle, there’s a chance your work activity will be covered under your personal auto insurance. In the same way, your commercial business policy or umbrella insurance policy may provide some coverage. Be sure to check all of these before buying a new policy.

Is your work outside the scope of personal auto insurance? If your vehicle is owned by your business (that is, not a personal vehicle), or you drive long distances, haul heavy items, tow a trailer, or work on potentially dangerous areas (such as construction sites), you most likely need commercial auto insurance.

Do you need higher liability limits? Consider how an accident and settlement might affect your business and your bankroll. Do you need higher liability coverage for your business driving needs?

Is the vehicle your workplace? If you carry passengers or provide services (for example, a taxi, a mobile food van or a snowplowing business), you almost certainly need a commercial policy to cover your activities.

There are many different versions of commercial and personal auto coverage available in California. Martplan Insurance in La Habra can help guide you through the decision process. Contact us to learn more.