How to: Drive in Sun Glare

drive in sun glare la habra caDriving into the sun can create blinding conditions. See what you can do to increase visibility!

While driving off into the sunset is a popular, romanticized vision, low-lying sun can make it impossible to see the road ahead. Not ideal for a safe, never mind fun, journey!

The roads can be a real nightmare – is there such a thing as a ‘daymare’? – at this time of year, not least because the glare from the sun close to the horizon can reduce visibility to almost zero. Fortunately, although you can never eliminate the glare completely, there are a few steps you can take to minimize it.

How to: Minimize Sun Glare

  • Wash your windows (inside and out!): Eliminate any dust and grime to make your windows really sparkle! Hose down exterior windows to dislodge dirt, clean under windshield wipers, and lather up the windows before washing them and drying them.
  • Get cracks fixed: If there are any scratches or chips on the windscreen, it’s worth getting them repaired or the windshield replaced.
  • Clean your wiper blades: Wipe them up and down with a damp cloth. Add a bit of white vinegar if the dirt is dried in (just make sure no white vinegar gets on the paintwork.
  • Top up the wiper fluid: Make sure you don’t run out of this key fluid! To save on your usage, if your windshield gets misted up try to use the air conditioning system to demist it instead.

Keeping your windshield clean will help to minimize the effect of glare to an extent, but you could still find yourself blinded by the sun.

How to: Drive In Sun Glare            

If you’re dazzled by the sun while driving, pull your visor down and put on a pair of good quality sunglasses to reduce the glare.

If visibility is still poor, slow down, be aware of the vehicles around you, and keep a safe distance. Try not to slam on the brakes as the drivers behind you will be just as dazzled and may slam into the back of you!

The key is to not panic, slow down and take care! Once you’ve gotten the hang of driving into the sun, you can roll down your windows, let your air down, and roll into the sunset.

Now that you know how to drive safely in the blinding conditions, be sure to protect your vehicle! Contact Martplan Insurance Agency in La Habra, California to get started on your tailored auto insurance policy today!