How to Share the Road With Emergency Vehicles

While your first instinct may be to panic when you here sirens and see flashing lights, it is important that you approach the situation safely and with caution. Sharing the road with emergency vehicles is an important part of our daily lives and we’ll explain the right way to do so:

  • Keep in mind that these emergency vehicles are only trying to tend to an emergency situation as fast as humanly possible. They have the right of way in all scenarios.
  • If the siren is approaching from behind your vehicle, you will want to first slow down and check for surrounding traffic. Once the coast is clear, slowly make your way to the right.
  • If the siren is approaching from in front of you, slowly check both ways and pull to the right. Many motorists fail to pull over if the emergency vehicle is on the opposite side of traffic, but often they need the wrong side of the road to efficiently maneuver through traffic.

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