Driving Safely this Spring: Look out for Potholes!

It’s that time of year again! Time to look out for fresh potholes cropping up as the freezing and thawing process of winter is taking its toll.

The Problem with Potholes

Even the small holes in the road can cause serious damage to your car. Running over potholes might disrupt your car’s alignment, tires, rims or suspension. While hitting potholes is a problem for your car, avoiding them can be dangerous without careful consideration; drivers who suddenly slam their breaks or swerve to avoid a pothole may cause an accident on the road.

Staying Safe this Spring

Since the warming weather brings out the best of the potholes, we’d like to offer some tips for the road:

  • Slow down if you see a pothole you can’t avoid
  • Avoid puddles since they may be surprise potholes
  • Don’t swerve around potholes unless you are sure the way is clear

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