Make Me-Time with Google Goals

Google Goals TipsGoogle Goals are set up so that you can finally focus on self-improvement.

Google has consistently been on top of its game for the past decade – to say the least. Now, leading the way with self-motivation and development, Google Goals is introduced to the public.

We all have busy lives, and in this day and age, we spend a significant amount of time on our phones attempting to organize our days. Managing work, family life, social life, chores, and sleep can have us burning the candle at both ends, sparing no time for what we truly want to do. Fortunately, Google Goals enables users to exercise, build a skill, and enjoy Me Time.

What is this, you may ask? No, it’s not a fancy looking ‘To Do’ list; it’s so much more. Within your Google calendar, you’re able to set a goal for what you want to make time for. For example, if you want to take up running, do yoga, go to the gym, learn a new language, walk, or read, the calendar will automatically find time in your schedule! The best bit is that you can program how often you aim to go, how long you want your session to be, and if you prefer morning or afternoon.

Once you have input the information, Google Goals will asses your existing calendar, full of meetings, lunches, and other immoveable objects, so that it can properly fit your goal into an open space. Can’t make your gym session? You can defer goals, and the app will move it to later on in the day!

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