Get Happier And Healthier With These Smartphone Apps

Data synchronization of health book between smartwatch and smartphone in male hands

Healthy Smartphone Apps

Getting in shape is one of the easiest ways to help you avoid serious health complications and higher health insurance costs. If you need a little help jump-starting your workout routine, download these useful apps.

  • Zombies, Run! makes taking a run a fun game instead of a chore. The app will help you keep track of how many miles you walk, jog, or run while enjoying the experience of an interactive game. If your pace slows down, the zombies will catch up to you, which means you fail your current mission. The app gives you the option to listen to your own music or the thrilling story of the zombie invasion.
  • Capshare – keeping a rich social life can help improve your overall mental and physical health. Capshare allows you to document your journey to increased health and wellness with many features, including interactive movies, text captions, special effects, music, and videos.
  • Fooducate – if you struggle with knowing which foods you should be eating to stay healthy, this is the app for you. Fooducate allows you to set weight loss goals and enter your daily food intake and exercise to get a daily health score.
  • FitStar Personal Trainer – if you do not have time to make it to the gym each day or do not want to pay the high prices for your own personal trainer, you will love this app. After the initial setup process, the app will create a personalized workout routine for you to help you lose weight and build muscle. The app includes videos to help you properly do each exercise.

In addition to downloading these apps, investing in the right health insurance policies can help to make sure that you are able to feel your best. Contact Martplan Insurance Agency in La Habra, California for all of your health care needs.