Protect Your Home in a Disaster

Protect Your House

Your home is most likely your biggest asset, so be sure to safeguard it.

To protect your home in the event of a disaster, it is important to avoid being underinsured. Homeowners should make sure that they update their insurance regularly to include improvements, major purchases, and increased rebuilding costs.

You should ask yourself key questions:

  • Do I have enough insurance to rebuild my home?
    Your policy should cover the cost of rebuilding your home at current construction costs. The real estate value of the home can often get confused with what it would cost to rebuild it. Check with your insurance provider about what coverage is in your policy.
  • Does my policy allow replacements of possessions?
    Be sure to take an inventory of the items that you own and the estimated cost to replace items if they were to be destroyed or stolen. You can insure your possessions by their Actual Cash Value: the coverage that pays the cost of replacing your belongings minus depreciation. Replacement Cost Policy coverage reimburses you for the full content cost of replacing your belongings.
  • What about covered living expenses?
    If your house cannot be lived in due to a disaster, insurance can pay for the temporary living expenses. This can cover hotel bills, restaurant meals, and transportation until your home is ready to be lived in again. Make sure you know how much coverage you have for the additional living expenses.

To protect your household and belongings in the event of a disaster, visit Martplan Insurance Agency for quality homeowners insurance. We are committed to finding each resident in La Habra, California, the correct insurance that they need for their home and budget. Give us a call today!