The Need For A New Roof

Home Repair ConceptCan Your Agency Cancel Coverage If You Do Not Comply?

You bought a new home! Getting the keys to your new home is one of the most exciting feelings in the world, and as soon as you step over that threshold you enter the place where you will build your life for the foreseeable future. Consequently, you have contacted your insurance agency so you can get the homeowners insurance you need to protect your new investment.

Then, a short time later, you receive a letter in the mail notifying you that in order to cover your home, your insurance agency needs you to replace your roof. You are concerned, as a new roof is a costly investment. What will happen if you do not comply?

Failure to meet the underwriting requirements (i.e. comply with the requests of your insurance agency) can result in their cancelling your coverage. Your agency does not just set their requirements at random. When you purchase a new home, they will send an inspector to the property so they can be appraised of the risks associated with insuring it.

They do not set their underwriting requirements just to protect themselves, though. These guidelines also protect you. After all, replacing your roof will be much more cost effective than letting it leak, damaging your property and—more importantly—the very structure of your home.

In order to keep your coverage current, work with your insurance agency. They are the experts in protection, and want to come alongside you to help you safeguard your quality of life.

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