How To Improve Your Focus Everyday

By Chad Skinner

Feeling like there is just too much going on that doesn’t seem to get done and that the hours of the day are escaping and you do not know why? This could be due to a lack of focus. You can get out of your focus rut with these how to focus tips.

Stop Multi-tasking: Let’s be honest, we all tend to do this! It appears to be an action that allows us to “accomplish” more done in our daily life. However, the truth is that when someone multi-tasks, they are essentially splitting their brain function into two separate items of thought. Doing these more than two tasks at the same time actually lowers performance and can use up to twice as much unnecessary energy in our daily routines. This leads to our next topic on how to focus.

Concentrate on Two Critical Things Per Day: If you take the time to make a to-do list each day for items, narrow it down to just critical items! Putting little tasks on the list will lower your energy levels. Would you really want to use your peak energy while you take out the trash or washing the dishes? No! Get to a subject or topic that takes serious thought and consideration and your results will show!

Control Email: Email Inboxes. It is something that most people have to check constantly to stay on top of the constant flow of questions sent and answers replied. The feeling of cleaning out one’s inbox is one of accomplishment and satisfaction, but it comes at a cost. Checking your email can cause the brain an average of 15 minutes to refocus on a task you were previously working on. We recommend that emails be resolved with a simple phone call or even talking in-person. It’s quicker and much easier than sending an endless chain of wordy emails.

Interval Train: What does this mean? Think of it in terms of sports. Athletes learn how to focus by regularly alternating between doing harder workouts for a set length of time and switching to a lesser routine or rest period. The best solution to this problem is to set goals of when you will focus on your work and nothing else. For example, start focusing on only doing your assigned task for 15 minutes then gradually work yourself up to longer periods of time like 30 minutes. As well, you can use this solution to control your email problem listed above. Use the last 10 minutes of every hour to focus solely on email and the other 50 minutes for assignments!

Practice The Brainpower Of None: Taking the time to get away from everything in the world is one of the simplest things to do to improve your focus. Stepping back and getting away from all the technology and “noise” around us can help free your brain of clutter and let it process information more deeply and logically. Some ways to accomplish this are leaving the radio off in the car when driving home, leaving your phone at home while taking a walk or run, or getting up and taking a walk/stretch while at work. Having this opportunity of having fewer choices allows us to think clearly and ultimately change our thought process for the better.

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