Must-Know About Insuring Your College Student

As you plan to send your child off to college, you must remember to add altering your insurance plans to the to-do-list. We have gathered all of the must-know information for your convenience in this already hectic time:

  • Dorm life? Your child’s belongings will be covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. This will be a limited amount, so be sure to confirm with your insurance provider that all of their expensive items are covered.
  • Apartment? Time to purchase a renters’ insurance policy for about $15-20 per month.
  • Public transportation? Contact your auto insurance carrier to ask if you are eligible to receive the resident student discount since your child will only be driving for a few months out of the year.
  • Bringing their car with them to college? Be sure to contact your auto insurance agent to confirm that their insurance policy complies with all state regulations. You may receive a discount if the new zip code is especially safe.

Contact Martplan Insurance today and we can help you insure your new college student. We understand this can be an overwhelming time as you become an empty nester.