Can’t-Miss Small Business Insurance Tips

Important advice for your small business insurance. As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your company has all the insurance coverage that it needs.  However, managing your commercial coverage is easier said than done.  If you are struggling with your small business insurance, then try out these suggestions to help you better manage your coverage options. Get Mandatory Insurance Did you know that some types of commercial insurance are state mandated?  In … [Read more...]

Why You Should Review Your Insurance Policies at the End of the Year

Make time before the year is up to review your current insurance policies.   The end of the year is the ideal time to review your insurance policies, from home to life to auto to business. It makes perfect sense to review your policies to see what coverage you must add, subtract or increase. This is to ensure that all risks are covered, and that you sleep well at night knowing that you are protected. As the New Year approaches, here is what you should know when reviewing coverage. Add and … [Read more...]

Kick Your Smoking Habit with These Tips!

Improve your health by kicking the habit with these smoking tips and tricks. Getting rid of a habit isn’t easy at the best of times. When that habit is known for being addictive (i.e. smoking), it makes the challenge an uphill one, but not impossible. Most smokers today know that smoking is bad for their health and harmful to people around them. Breaking a habit is said to take at least 90 ‘cold-turkey’ days to train your mind out of such a trait. Each smoker knows they should quit, but they … [Read more...]

Are Your Jewels Protected?

Insurance Protection For Your Jewelry Investing in the right homeowners insurance policy is the best way to ensure that all of your assets are protected from any unfortunate situation. However, if you have any valuable jewelry, your existing homeowners insurance policy may not provide enough coverage. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that all of your jewels are properly protected. Review your coverage – look over your insurance policy to see what the limits are for your jewelry coverage. … [Read more...]

Have You Started A College Savings Plan For Your Children?

Saving For College A college education is becoming more and more important in today’s world. The earlier you start saving for your child’s education, the better financial situation you can be in when it comes time to move them into their dorm. Using a 529 plan is one of the easiest ways to help prepare your finances for college tuition. A 529 Plan is an educational savings plan that is operated by either an educational institution or state that is meant to help families set aside money for … [Read more...]

Domestic Partners Need Insurance Too!

Insurance Strategies For Domestic Partners Unmarried couples and married same-sex couples whose union was not recognized by their state have faced numerous obstacles in the past when they tried to apply for domestic-partner insurance coverage. Insurance is catching up with the modern times and there is a nationwide patchwork of viable insurance options for domestic partners. Here are some of the challenges that domestic partners still face when it comes to insurance. As domestic partners, … [Read more...]

Risky Hobbies You Can Insure Under Your Life Insurance Policy

Are you one who enjoys skydiving and scuba diving on a regular basis? Do you ever have trouble obtaining insurance due to your risk taking hobbies? Thrill seekers, there is no need to fret! You may be able to insure your most dangerous adventures under your life insurance policy. Yes, you must expect to pay elevated premiums since you are risking your life more than the typical citizen, but you will receive coverage nonetheless. Compiled is a list of some dangerous hobbies you may be able to … [Read more...]