Is Permanent Life Insurance a Good Investment?

life insurance- moneyPermanent life insurance will build more and more value the longer you keep it. Over time it becomes a financial asset as well as providing important coverage. How does permanent life insurance work as an investment?

  • It provides a solid return year after year. While the stock market may go down, your permanent life insurance value will move forward.
  • Permanent insurance will be there for you no matter how your health changes in the coming years.
  • Most student aid applications don’t consider the value of a permanent life insurance policy. It is a way to help provide for your children’s education.
  • It is a liquid, low cost source for loans to take advantage of life’s opportunities without lengthy loan applications.
  • Permanent life insurance can provide a supplemental retirement income.

Permanent life insurance is a safe, secure, liquid investment. Dividends paid are non-taxable. Of course the strength of the economy will set the pace of its growth, but you will not ever take a step backwards. In today’s economy permanent life insurance can provide a 3-6% return, which is comparable to investing in real estate.

Your particular circumstances will determine the best route for you to take. We will be happy to discuss your situation and how permanent life insurance can play an important role in it. Contact us today at Martplan Insurance Agency in La Habra, California.