Is Your House Underinsured?

home insEach year, thousands of homes in the United States are destroyed when fire, flood, wind and hail ravage cities and towns of every size.  Insurance companies and lenders know the importance of carrying sufficient homeowners insurance to restore the property to its original condition.  Following every national disaster homeowners in the damaged area will discover that existing insurance coverage is insufficient.  Underinsured properties cannot be rebuilt when the owner does not have sufficient resources to augment the payout from the insurer.

Consider these important factors when purchasing homeowners insurance.

  • Annual property value changes – Real estate markets are recovering from the housing crisis of 2008.  Each year, the cost of rebuilding, or repairing, a home will rise.  The insurance limits must be adjusted accordingly.
  • Avoid cheap insurance – Homeowners must avoid the temptation to save a few dollars by carrying smaller amounts of insurance.  Sufficient insurance is necessary.
  • “Replacement cost” clause – This important clause must be present in the policy documentation to make certain that the materials and labor costs will be paid to restore the property.
  • “Loss of use” limits – Living expenses should be covered under the homeowners policy since the family will have to live somewhere while the house is being rebuilt.
  • Contents insurance – Expensive collections and electronics should be insured through a rider on the standard policy.

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