Keep Your Personal Info Safe During Tax Time to Avoid Identity Theft

As cases of identity theft continue to rise, it’s important to take steps to keep your personal information private. This type of information includes facts like your social security number, address, birth date, driver’s license, and number.

Some documents, such as your annual W-2 form, contain much of this information in one place. Thieves know this, so they will be on the lookout for them during tax season. Even though your W-2 form(s) should have already arrived for this year, this information still may not be safe. Here’s some tips to help prevent them from being misused:

Avoid the common practice of leaving tax papers in a visible location in between sessions of doing your taxes. Put your W-2 forms and any other information-laden documents into a hidden area so they can’t be spied through a window when you go away.

Don’t throw old bills or other documents out with the regular trash when you’re done with them. Identity thieves often pick through household garbage to find these documents. Shred or burn them instead.

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