How To Properly Maintain Your Boat

MotorboatYearly Boat Maintenance

Living in California means enjoying year round warm weather. The warm weather also means that you are able to enjoy your boat. Using your boat all 12 months out of the year means that you will have to do more maintenance throughout the year to keep it running its best.

How much work you have to do on your boat will depend on the size of your boat, but most will require the same type of work. When working on your boat, it is a good idea to start with the engine. Make sure there is no water in your fuel by checking to ensure that there is no water in the filters and separators. If you find any buildup of water, it can be an indicator of ruined fuel tanks. If you do find any water, you can hire a professional to pump out the water.

Check the lower unit of your outboard or I/Os engine. If any milky substance or clear water drains out, it is a sign that you need new seals. Before you head out, make sure that the seals are working properly. If you have an inboard motor, check the strut bearings and propellers. If the prop is worn, send it in for repair. Driving with a bent or dinged prop can cause serious gear problems. Also make sure to check the steering cables. Applying a small amount of lube will help to keep the cables working properly if they are too tight.

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