Is Your Boat Ready for the Water? 6 Must-do Check Points.

La Habra Boat InsuranceFirst and foremost, check your boat insurance coverage to make sure you have the right coverage. After that, getting ready for the boating season is not that difficult if the following check points are followed for preparing your watercraft:

  • Check the fuel system for any damage or possible leaks.
  • Corrosion is a big factor on boats so go over the electrical system to ensure safe connections.
  • Take a look at the propellers and the hull. You want to be sure there is no cracks or other issues that could cause problems on the water.
  • All the hoses and belts need to be gone over to avoid leaks or slipping of pulleys.
  • As much as you want a full tank of gas before heading out, be sure all other fluid levels are topped off.
  • Coast Guard approved safety gear needs to be on board. Check you boats requirements.

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