Cold Weather Car Care Tips


As the temperatures continue to drop, it is the best time to make sure that you and your car are ready for winter. Keep these simple cold weather car care tips in mind to ensure that your car will work properly all winter long.

  • Check your oil – as the temperatures are dropping, make sure to get your oil changed and use an oil that has a different viscosity, or thickness. Heavier oil will ensure that your engine runs its best in the cold since oil thins out as the temperature of your engine increases.
  • Keep warm – the coolant and antifreeze in your radiator helps to keep your engine at the right temperature. Make sure to swap out any old coolant or antifreeze with new, clean liquid to prevent rust and lead corrosion this winter.
  • Charge it up – the changing weather temperatures can have harmful effects on your battery. If you have an old battery, consider investing in a new one. If you have a relatively new battery, make sure to check the positive and negative terminals for rust. If you find any rust, clean it off to ensure that your battery has the best connection possible.
  • Fill up – a full tank will prevent any condensation, which can damage both the gas tank and the gas in your vehicle. Always make sure to keep your gas tank at least half full during the winter.
  • Check your tires – your tire pressure can change with the fluctuating temperatures. Make sure to test the air pressure in your tires when the temperatures change to ensure that they are at the proper level.

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