Domestic Partners Need Insurance Too!

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Insurance Strategies For Domestic Partners

Unmarried couples and married same-sex couples whose union was not recognized by their state have faced numerous obstacles in the past when they tried to apply for domestic-partner insurance coverage. Insurance is catching up with the modern times and there is a nationwide patchwork of viable insurance options for domestic partners. Here are some of the challenges that domestic partners still face when it comes to insurance.

  • As domestic partners, you need to plan ahead for getting insurance together. Insurers may look for things like:
    • Joint ownership of property
    • Number of years together
  • Once a policy is issued, it remains in effect even if you split up, so you should take that into account when looking for domestic partner insurance.
  • Shop around. Some insurers are less interested in your marital status than they are in other aspects of your life. Hold out for an insurer who is willing to accept whatever sort of relationship you have.
  • Many auto insurance carriers are willing to accept business from domestic partners, but not all are willing to offer the same multi-car discounts, multi-driver discounts, or marriage discounts. This is slowly changing, but it may still be an issue for a while.
  • When figuring out whether you can get domestic partner insurance, it is best to just come right out and ask. If you falsify information, it could cause problems in the future. There are insurers out there that will offer their usual policies and discounts for domestic partners; you may just have to look a little harder.

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