Light Up Every Room in Your Home with These Tips

Light Up Every Room in Your HouseIs your home a cave? Brighten up your home with these tips!

Studies show that natural light positively affects our mood. While you may not realize it, if you have been feeling tired or stressed, you could be living in a cave with limited natural light. Humans often act and feel better in a home that has plenty of natural light, as well as light-inspired décor.

It is okay if you do not have natural light streaming through your rooms; there are some easy décor tips that you can do to jazz up your natural light (or lack thereof).

Install a skylight.

Skylights dramatically bring in more natural light to a space. There are many different options available for a broad range of budgets, so fear not if you do not have an endless bank account balance. One popular option is the “sun tunnel” which take up less surface area, is budget-friendly, and brings in a wealth of natural light to any room.

Add a large mirror.

Hang a large mirror to reflect light and the beautiful view. You will be surprised at how much light a strategically placed mirror can bring into the room.

Replace solid interior doors with glass doors. 

Glass doors provide instant light by creating a seamless flow of natural and artificial light. Avoid shutting rooms off by installing a solid door, so opt for glass instead.

Include natural light-stimulating light bulbs.

If your space still feels a bit dark, the addition of natural light-stimulating bulbs can help increase the amount of light that you already get in a space. Replace all of your bulbs and turn the lamps on during the day when the room is in use. It is an excellent way to brighten dark corners that do not have any windows.

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