How (and Why!) To Get in Movement at Work

How to Move at WorkIf you sit at your desk all day, you’ll need to start moving more!

Even though you may think that sitting down all day doesn’t cause much wear and tear on your body, research shows otherwise. While your physical body suffers from staying seated all day, your long-term health is severely impacted, too. There are important reasons how and why to get more movement in at work!

If you stay seated all day, you could be raising your chances of getting heart disease by 64 percent, as well as increasing the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. While you may have to work at a desk for eight hours every day, you can still get moving to minimize your risk of health issues.

  1. Take regular breaks – Stand up every half an hour, even if it’s just to stretch or walk around the room.
  1. Move more – Start by taking the stairs to the office rather than the elevator, give a message to your colleague rather than sending an email, or park your car further away so that you have to walk further to the office. Small changes create a huge impact more than you think!
  1. Get a standing desk – A standing desk allows you to work while standing up so that you aren’t sitting down all day. Not only will you burn more calories per hour, but you will also stay more focused!
  1. Stand up for meetings – Encourage your team to stand instead of sitting during team meetings. The meeting will likely be shorter and kept consistent if everyone is on their feet and focused. Better yet, hold a meeting outside while you stroll around the block.
  1. Take standing calls – Taking calls all day can be boring and repetitive. Break the cycle by getting up and walking in circles. You may just find some new, fresh ideas, too.

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