New Drivers – How Much Will Insurance Cost?

By Cookie Maxwell

Auto Insurance Quotes for New Drivers

For a new driver there are a lot of factors that influence the price while there is no typical cost of insurance. To get an auto insurance quote there is a base rate that you start with built on your driving record, the car you are driving, your age and gender along with your claim history? If you will have a new car and it is financed you could end up paying as much as $3,000 a year, this is for full coverage, and if you only want liability you could save around a thousand dollars a years.

Your best bet to get a lower rate on your insurance for a new driver is to buy a cheaper car or pay your car off as soon as you can. Then, if you are a good student you can check with the insurance company to see if they off good student discounts. Some of the insurance companies will offer a special rate for those who are in a high school full time or in college and keep a GPA of 3.0. Also don’t forget to add you driver education course for a discount.

Almost every company will insist that all your family that has a driver’s license be put on your policy. The teen is not charged on your policy until they have a license but when they get a learner’s permit it is a good idea to let your insurance company know. Instead of buying an additional car in insuring that one it is always cheaper to add the teenagers to and existing policy. If you have several cars insured under your policy have your new driver put on a specific one such as the one that is the cheapest to insure.

Statistics show that out of teens between the ages of 15 to 19 years auto insurance increased $800 a year just by adding a teenager to their insurance policy. There are insurance companies that can monitor your child’s driving performance. They can send you a notification when something happens and they do something they shouldn’t be doing and while doing this they can provide the teen with corrective feedback or using a two way camera transmit a video of the driving. There are different kinds but some of them can tell you specific things such as when they are speeding, seat belt usage, moving the car when it shouldn’t be moved, departure and arrival times, cornering and hard braking. There is an insurance company that offers a Teensurance program that will give discounts up to 15% if the child uses the Safety Beacon GPS based system is used.

8 Ways to cut insurance costs for teen drivers are listed below:

1. To raise your deductibles on your comprehensive and collision to at least $1,000 it will lower your premium.
2. On older cars that are worth more than the deductible you can drop the collision and comprehension coverage.
3. Help your child to get a safe car your rates will stay in your budget.
4. Encourage your child to get good grades to get a good student discount.
5. Call your insurance and let them know when your child goes away to college.
6. Ask for your insurance company for other discounts they might have for your child.
7. Get a break on your insurance premium and make the most of multi policy discounts like putting your house insurance and your car insurance together.
8. Look around at different insurance companies for one that has a better deal for a teenager.

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