Secure Your Life Insurance While You’re Expecting

Newborn Baby and Life Insurance La Habra CAIf a stork is headed your way, you’ll want to secure your life insurance policies.

Parents-to-be tend to be consumed in a 9-month haze of doctors’ appointments, nursery decorating, and satisfying food cravings. While there is a lot to do and remember, it’s important that life insurance isn’t forgotten about.

As expecting parents, you may ask the following questions!

Do we need life insurance?
Life insurance is a financial safety net for your family when you are no longer around to provide for them. This can cover everything from funeral costs and remaining debt, to your child’s college tuition.

Life insurance is a selfless policy that, not to be too morbid, helps your family focus on mourning your passing without worrying about financial strains. Preparing a monetary future for your spouse and little one is a great way to protect your growing family! To conclude, life insurance is a very valuable policy for families who don’t have an endless sum in their bank.

How much coverage do I need?
Ask yourself if your surviving spouse could live without your income while paying off your debts and preparing for your child’s future education. Could they retire as planned? Could they make ends meet each month? Even if you’re unemployed, your spouse would need to hire help to cover your roles which would amount to a high monthly outgoing. Many families would struggle even a month, and that’s where life insurance would step in.

My job provides life insurance. Isn’t that enough?
Work-provided life insurance may not offer sufficient coverage for your family’s financial situation. In this case, an additional insurance policy is advised. When you purchase your own life policy, coverage isn’t dependent on your employment situation!

Are you ready to receive protection for your growing family? For a life insurance policy that suits your loved ones, budget, and needs in La Habra, California, contact Martplan Insurance Agency today!