Will Your Health Insurance Cover You During Flu Season?

Knowing your health insurance coverage can help if you end up with the flu. With fall comes cold and flu season. It’s that time of year when people are handing out cold-infected germs like they were free coupons to Starbucks. Sometimes, there’s just no winning and you manage to contract a bad case of the flu that can take weeks to recover. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid it! Getting the flu can mean frequent trips to the doctor’s office. Are you not quite sure what your health insurance covers? … [Read more...]

Whip Up This Delicious Thanksgiving Day Recipe!

Pecan pie recipe to complete your Thanksgiving Day menu. Thanksgiving is just days away, and many of us are starting to plan the big holiday feast. You may have the main all set, but how about dessert? What better way to finish Thanksgiving Day than with a nice chunk of pecan pie? Check out this easy-to-make version of the nation’s favorite! Ingredients Pastry dough ¾ stick non-dairy butter 1¼ cups packed coconut sugar ¾ cup brown rice syrup 2 teaspoon pure vanilla … [Read more...]

Remember These Thanksgiving Road Trip Tips!

Travel to your Thanksgiving destination safely with these tips. Millions of Americans take to the roads the week of Thanksgiving to see their parents, in-laws, family members, or friends. Wherever you’re heading, you’re likely to know that the roads will be packed full of holiday goers! To make your Thanksgiving road trip a smooth one, put these tips into practice! Plan it – Map out your route before leaving! With Google Maps and navigation systems, you can easily find the fastest route … [Read more...]

How to Honor Our Veterans This Veterans Day

Take the time to honor our vets this Veterans Day.   Veterans Day is a day when Americans celebrate the brave men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. Although, for many of us, the day passes without the direct opportunity to honor our veterans. Here are a handful of things that you can do today to honor a veteran. Opening your heart and giving a bit of your time is all that is required! Say thank you. It’s a simple gesture, but it can mean a lot to the recipient. If … [Read more...]

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Little Monsters!

Keeping your children safe on fright night. Halloween is all about getting dressed up, trick-or-treating, and enjoying all things spooky! Not only is the ideal holiday for children (free candy and playing dress up!) but it can reunite neighborhoods and join communities together. Even so, many parents forget that this night is full of hidden dangers that their children face. The quickest way to ruin Halloween night is to spend the night in the E.R. Keep the trickery away but the treats … [Read more...]

Tips to Properly Store Your Summer Toys Over Winter

Welcome in fall by tucking your summer vehicles away. Preparing for winter is likely to be at the top of your list of priorities now that the temperatures are beginning to drop, and fall is in full swing! As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome in the cooler months, now is the time to start thinking about storing your summer vehicles away. These unique rides require additional attention during this time to ensure that they are kept in good condition while not in use. After all, come … [Read more...]

Does Your Home Need a New Roof?

The roof over your head may need repairs or replacing. Homeowners often do what they can to protect their castle, from implementing safety locks to cleaning the gutters every fall. What most forget about is the roof over their head – literally. Most homeowners figure that they need a new roof when they spot a leak in the ceiling. In reality, a leak could be due to many different roofing problems, but is just one of the signs that your roof needs to be replaced. When it comes to needing a new … [Read more...]

Get Involved During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Helping you to get active for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is something that we are all fighting against, and October is dedicated to all things breast cancer-related. This month aims to raise awareness of the disease, and help women tackle this unfortunate illness. October is also a time to support those who are living survivors and help to spread their story. To help you get involved this month, we’ve got a few ideas together. Women – Get Tested One in eight women will … [Read more...]

Common Gaps in Auto Insurance

Find out if your car insurance policy has substantial gaps. Motorists purchase auto insurance to protect themselves, their vehicle, and their finances from suffering a loss during an accident. When it comes to deciding on a policy that offers such protection, many select the cheapest policy. However, such a policy may not offer coverage for some events that could leave you financially strained. When it comes to gaps in your auto insurance, here are a few lacking coverages that you should … [Read more...]

Little Things That Cost Your Business Big

Over the course of the year, little things cost your business thousands! Here are a few areas worth checking out.   A dollar here. A dollar there. It doesn’t seem like much, but over time it adds up! In comparison with your business’s major outgoings, you probably have quite a few lower-dollar line items that you gloss over. Don’t! Little things cost your business thousands over time. It’s well worth checking out if these stealth costs are leeching money from your business. Don’t worry; we … [Read more...]