Nursing Homes’ Services and Functions

By Abigail Aaronson

Nursing homes are often mentioned in connection to the elderly and those with mental and physical disabilities, who may not be able to function properly out in the world. Many people have a negative idea when they think about these facilities but the reality of it is that these places can be a haven for those who cannot cope with their disabilities alone, as well as the families of the patients.

Medical Aspect
The medical aspect of nursing homes is one of the most important in the services that the staff offers, aside from the room and board. Residents of these facilities are usually in need of supervision especially when it comes to their medication and care. Due to this, the staff is usually trained to facilitate the medication and other services that are related to the care and maintenance of the residents. This includes the giving of medicines (orally and otherwise), as well as helping the doctors who are on staff with any aspect that they might need help with. Checkups and tests that may be necessary for the resident or patient are also things that the management and staff of the facility should help with. In many cases, their very own doctors will be the ones to do the tests and checkups, but in some instances there may be a need to bring the patient out of the facility and into a hospital or another medical facility.

The care that the staff and other people who work in nursing homes extend to the patients and residents is something that they need to be educated and trained for. Many of the caregivers, nurses and aides are educated in a related medical course and trained similarly. Doctors also need to have a constant presence in these facilities due to possible emergencies. This aspect is quite important because the residents in these places may have conditions and diseases that may take a turn for the worse at any time. The nurses and nursing aides that are hired by the management to care for the residents need to be aware of the needs and preferences of each individual there. Many of the patients or residents in these facilities often have favorite members of the staff whom they bond or connect with. The same goes for the nurses and aides who work there.

Nursing homes have a bad reputation of having workers who are cold and uncaring to their residents but this is usually not the case. Those that do have these problems usually resolve these issues after the management and staff get wind of them. Many of the management and workers are usually very sincere with their relationships and treatment of the residents. This is a very important factor that helps the elderly and other residents with their stay in nursing homes.

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