Tips to Prepare Your Car for Festivals This Season

Preparing Your Car for FestivalsThe festival season is here – Is your car ready? 

Do you want to turn your festival adventure into a road trip? Driving gives you flexibility, makes it easy to carry that tent, and leaves you free to explore. If you’re going to a local or nearby festival, driving is a fun way to travel there!

A little planning ahead, such as what to pack and where to park, can help your trip to go smoothly. Put down that flower crown and fanny pack – it’s time to get organized first! Here are a few tips to get your car and gear ready for the festival season!

Practice Packing Perfection

What you pack will depend on the festival you’re going to, as some will require more supplies than others. If you’re going to be loading up your car with a tent, cooking equipment, food, and drink, you’ll need to follow these tips for safe storing:

  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom, if possible.
  • Place heavier items close to the back seats.
  • Double-check that you have a spare tire, just in case!

Car Check-Ups

You may be heading off to your festival in a car, van, or campervan – whatever set of wheels you’re taking, it’s wise to give your vehicle a good service before any trips. Check the tire tread, tire pressure, oil levels, and coolant levels. Review your car insurance policy to make sure that you have the right coverage.

Safety Gear

Whether you’re heading down the road or across the state to a festival, it pays to have the right items with you. Here are some essentials you shouldn’t leave home without:

  • Water (and plenty of it!).
  • Flashlight.
  • First aid kit.
  • Portable phone charger.
  • Reflective clothing of some kind to make you visible to cars should your car breakdown.

Now that you’re all set, enjoy the festival! To secure the much-needed auto insurance policy for your finances and vehicle before you set off, contact the professionals at Martplan Insurance Agency.