Easy and Cheap Ways to Prevent Home Theft

How homeowners can prevent property crimes.

While worrying about home floods and mortgage rates, it’s easy to forget about the good old-fashioned threats to your property. While you want your home to be a warm and welcoming environment for your friends and family, you might be surprised how common habits might be inviting to criminals, too. With millions of property crimes in the United States every year, it’s important to reduce your risk for burglary and property damage.

Check out these easy and cheap ways to protect your property!

Lock Up the Garage

Garages are a common entry point for burglars. Open garage doors serve to advertise your belongings to all those who walk and drive by, increasing the likelihood of theft. Always ensure that your garage door remains closed when you’re not present to eliminate the desire to break in.

Tend to Your Trash

Even what you throw away for curbside pick up can make you’re a target for theft. If you took advantage of sales and bought a large flat-screen TV or computer, you may leave the packaging to be picked up. But now, passersby will know that you have expensive belongings in your home. To safely discard recycling, break down the boxes and place the packaging in black trash bags

Light It Up

Dark properties are alluring to those with malicious intent. Hiding in darkness, behind shrubs and trees makes sneaking around someone’s home much easier. Aim to keep your lawn and garden maintained, and install exterior lighting to deter criminals.

Consider a Home Security System

Security systems come with a large variety of features that suit almost any budget. Not only does this system sound an alarm when a point of entry or window is breached, but having a system installed can save you money on your homeowners insurance premium!

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