What to Do When a Rock Hits Your Windshield

Rock Hits Your WindshieldWe’ve all been there – a rock pings your window and cracks the glass! Here’s what to do.

It happens to the best of us. Maybe your car is parked under a tree, near a building site, or you’re driving behind construction crew – somehow the windshield gets hit with debris. A pebble or rock can quickly pick up speed and momentum, causing your windscreen to crack the moment it contacts; not to mention, it can scare the life out of you if it’s unexpected!

Steps to Take
Rather than ignore the small crack, you should inspect it to determine whether you need to simply repair the windshield or replace it altogether. The crack will undoubtedly get bigger with time, and should your windscreen get hit again; it can spell trouble for the driver. It’s best to replace the glass before the crack turns into a dangerous driving situation for the motorist.

Cover the Break
Fortunately, if you have comprehensive coverage, and a glass claim is covered, then chances are you’re covered for a cracked windshield. First, you need to determine whether it is, in fact, a candidate for repair.

Measuring the length of the crack will help you evaluate the damage. If it’s less than 6 inches long, it may be eligible for repair. If the damage is quite minimal (for example, star crack), then a repair is required. Typically, anything larger and longer than a 6-inch break requires a window replacement!

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