Safety Precautions New Homeowners Should Take

Prevent any damage to your new home and belongings with these safety tips.


If you’re busy unpacking in your new humble abode, home safety may not be high on your list of priorities. After all, you’ve had a home inspector check the property before you bought it, right? While you may not realize it, home damage can take on many forms. To help guide you, here’s a home safety checklist you should consider when settling in.


Change the Locks

After taking all the right steps to finally get the keys to the house, you’re going to want to change the locks as soon as possible. You don’t know how many people were given a spare key by the previous owners and you certainly don’t want to chance it.


Get to Know the Electrical System

Sure, you want to gaze at the garden or start organizing the living room furniture, but getting to know your home can help to be prepared in case of an emergency. Locate and familiarize yourself with your new electrical system. You’ll want to learn where your meter and electrical circuit box are located as well as how to turn the electricity supply on and off.


Change the Filters

Consider changing the furnace and air conditioning filters as it’s likely the previous homeowners didn’t do so before they left. Additionally, ensure that your air ducts aren’t full of dust. If they are, get cleaning!


Test Smoke Alarms

Ensure that all smoke detectors in your home are in good working order. There should be one on each level of the house. If your home is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors, check them, too, or consider installing one if there isn’t one already.


Clean It

Before you start placing furniture and unpacking your belongings, you’ll want to clean the entire house. As you do so, ensure that all cleaning supplies are well out of the way of children and pets.


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