Short Term Income Protection Insurance – What Is It?

By Karl Omen

Among the many way of being financially prepared despite the unstable economic climate as well as the unpredictable employment future is by taking out income protection policies. A lot of people these days are eager in taking advantage of income protection insurance policies while they are still capable of earning money on a regular monthly basis because the fear of another global economic slump that may cause them to become jobless and without a steady flow of income for an unclear time.

Plenty of people indeed choose long-term income protection insurance because it can cover them for quite a long period of time such as until retirement, death or until they return to work. Furthermore, it can also cover illnesses or injuries which are usually the attractive benefits of the provision. But then, such provision falls short for those who have been requested to leave their position in the company since they are no longer needed.

This is actually the main reason why people who are not certain about their employment within their companies usually opt for short-term income protection insurance because of the flexibility it offers which the long-term arrangement does not offer. Among the benefits you can get from short-term income protection insurance are the following:

First, this is not only for employees because even self-employed individuals can be covered for illness and accidents. Secondly, employees on a fixed-term contract are also covered but there are some conditions; and for these conditions, it is very important to determine if they are eligible to claim before they purchase. And lastly, it also included unemployment cover.

Among the not-so-good components of this policy is that some reported a bit of difficulty in terms of securing coverage, specifically those who have pre-existing medical conditions. Also, it is possible for an insurance firm to cancel coverage or even increase premiums on really short notice or less than 30 days.

However, despite its limitations, it still offers reputable financial cushioning for certain eventualities. The short-term income protection insurance policy was indeed meant for a very practical purpose of making financial cushioning for situations that plenty of people have very little control over. Those who can find themselves in economic difficulty and also for those who will not be paid by their employers for certain span of time will surely benefit from this policy. Always remember that it is best to have a strong advantage to be ready for uncertain future, and this type of policy is a great way of being adequately prepared. For more info, click here.

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