What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Sinusitis?

By Shruti S Sharda

Sinusitis commonly known as sinus is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. Sinuses are some spaces filled with air within the bones of face that opens up into the nasal cavity. The lining with which they are lined is called mucous membrane. It produces a slimy secretion called mucous that keep the nasal path moist to trap the dirt particles and bacteria.

The blockage of sinus is marked by the filling of air filled sinus with fluid that grows germs and bacteria. Conditions that can cause blockage of sinus are –

* Nasal polyps * Common cold * Allergic rhinitis * Drainage duct’s blockage * Air pollution * Airborne allergens

Sinusitis is classified chronologically into several categories. These are –

* Acute sinusitis – It is often caused by common cold. It may also be caused by fungal infection or allergies. Typically sinuses patients find hard to breathe through nose. The area neighboring your eyes and nose may get swollen up. You may also get excruciating facial and headache. Acute sinusitis lasts for 4 weeks or less.

* Subacute sinusitis – Subacute sinusitis is noticeable by continued progression of acute sinusitis that has not got improved yet. Symptoms are same as that of acute sinusitis. It typically lasts for 4-8 weeks.

* Chronic sinusitis – As acute and sub acute sinusitis becomes more inflamed, swelling, blockage and mucus formation is seen. Doctors refer to this condition as chronic sinusitis. Patient may experience severe head ache and facial pain. This condition usually lasts 8 weeks or longer.

* Recurrent sinusitis – This condition is marked when a person gets several sinusitis attacks within a year.

Primary symptoms of sinusitis includes –

* Cough and congestion * Running nose/Blocked nose * Nasal stiffness * Pus in nasal cavity * High temperature * Headache * Discolored postnasal drainage * Drowsiness * Tooth pain * Watery eyes * Bad breath

Studies show that sinus infections hit about 37 million people in U.S each year. The close immediacy of the brain makes them the most dangerous disease. Abscesses, meningitis and similar other life threatening condition may result. In severe cases the patient may experience headache, vision problems, seizures, coma and sometimes possibly death. That is why the sinusitis cannot be ignored as it can result in severe consequences. A person who has strong immunity system can ward off the symptoms of the disease but the children and elderly are quite susceptible to the diseases. One should seek for a treatment as soon as possible.

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