Simple Things for an Easier, Cheaper Life

By Barbara A Jordan

There are a few things in life that one picks up that become a habit – then you realize that it’s time-saving and money-saving too. The very same reason the person you picked the tip up from was doing exactly the same thing in the first place.

Such as heating up a tin of peas, or baked beans in the oven instead of on the hob. Why not? You’re doing chips for the kids or a jacket potato and casserole in the oven. Ten minutes from the end open the can slightly and place it in the oven and there you are – it’s all finished at the same time. Wise tip though – NEVER put an unopened tin in the oven to heat!

Cleaning venetian blinds – especially aluminium ones can be tricky. Take a pair of old cotton socks. Use dry to dust – using both hands – one to hold the slat still, the other to do the work. If the blind is dusty (like the builders have been in and you didn’t take it down in time!) then use one wet to get the worst off and use the dry one to hold and to wipe dry. Aluminium blinds must not be bent as any crease in them is permanent.

Cooking rice is another trick learned from the Great Delia I think. Boil the correct amount of water to rice, add the rice and bring back to the boil. Put the lid on tightly – ( I have found it still works with a draining lid with the holes NOT aligned with the pouring spout) make sure it’s still boiling and turn the heat off. If you like rice soft on the outside, harder in the middle then wait 9 – 10 minutes before testing. If you like it softer then wait a little bit longer, go away and do something else more interesting. Come back and it’ll be done, just rinse in boiling water and serve. Think how much gas/ electric you saved!

Jar of screws you’ve had in the cupboard for months? Tip them out onto a tray with sides if you’re sorting them – not onto a flat surface where they will fly everywhere. This would be a great opportunity for the children to earn some money by sorting them out into sizes for you. Use more small jars or invest in an organizer with compartments.

I’m sure they are more time and money-saving tips. When I think of them I’ll write again.

Simple things to help you save time and money.

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