4 Ways to Start the Day Right & Boost Productivity!

start day right and boost productivityIf you need some morning inspiration, read on!

We all know that how a person starts the day will impact what they achieve for the rest of the day! Starting off the day on the right foot will typically mean a good day will follow. Likewise, if you have a slow start to the day, it will tend to be unproductive.

Should you want to boost your productivity (and who wouldn’t?), we have compiled research-based tips for powering through the day on a high!

Create a To-Do List the Day Before
Get ahead! By listing tomorrow’s tasks, you’ll be able to start right away the next morning with a set list of plans for you to accomplish! For best results, put your list in order of priority.

Never Check Your Emails As Soon As You Wake Up
Research has shown that if you check your emails first thing in the morning, you become distracted with emails that do not require immediate attention and put a damper on your day if an email that you receive is negative.

Do Not Attempt to Multitask. We Repeat, Do Not Attempt to Multitask.
Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not the best way to achieve maximum productivity. It increases the likelihood of making mistakes and reduces overall task completion. Block out specific times on your schedule based on your daily to-do list to solely focus on one task.

Mute/Turn Off Notifications
The mobile age has exposed us to all sorts of notifications that constantly distract us from the tasks at hand. While notifications are meant to be helpful, they all to often deter us and sidetrack us from our current task.

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