Three Steps to Grow Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs, learn how to grow your small business naturally.

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand your business. After all, a few promotions here and a couple of emails there can make a big difference in the long run. But once you’ve exhausted these options, it’s time to step up your marketing game and grow your business organically.

All marketing requires some expense. But, do it correctly, and you will see a significant return on investment, in both time and money. Here’s how to get started!

Improve Your Social Media Activity

Social media is a huge leverage point for you if you need a low-cost marketing strategy. Believe it or not, but social media is about being ‘social,’ so get on there and start sparking relevant conversations, asking for feedback, and keeping your clients (and prospects) informed about your business. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, post a couple of times a day on each platform!

Build a Local Email List

No, you don’t need 100,000 email subscribers to be successful. A couple thousand or even a few hundred people on your local email list will give you a place to share your message and market to leads. As the email subscribers are all local, you’re able to build your authority in your immediate area before expanding far and wide. Make it easy for the customers to refer people to your list, and you’ll see the list grow!

Use Your Successes

Now that you have a list of subscribers and a social media plan, make it a priority to collect one to two testimonials a week and share these stories with your list and social media. Doing this over and over will build trust with your audience and allow you to leverage your success stories to market for you.

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